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Triple your leads in 90 days

Boost your qualified leads and sales with high-impact marketing strategies that elevate your marketing, optimizes your budget, ensures your site ranks well , and connects with customers effectively

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing + Facebook Ads is the ROI equation your scaling offer needs.

“Learning a proven scalable method to reach new people who are interested in my offerings, and to better support those who are already aware of what I am doing. It is such a relief to find someone who knows how to guide me through the maze of online promotion.”
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Nat Sharrat
Spirituality Coach and Podcast Host

Ready To Bring Qualified Leads into Your Offer Ecosystem Daily?

We ensure that every piece of content—from meta descriptions to the conversion copy of landing pages—aligns with your On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Social Ad Campaign strategies, providing a service that emphasizes brand continuity to scale your growth without compromising quality or authenticity.

Strategy & Mindset

We’ll go over your offer suite, your marketing and business vision, your revenue, and your lead generation goals. We’ll get your mindset and marketing assets ready to triple your leads in 90 days.

Facebook Ads

Done-For-You Facebook Ads Management to grow your list and revenue peacefully. We’ll create Facebook and Instagram Ads based on your yearly revenue goals for your offer, so you can start predicting your growth.

Comprehensive SEO

Elevate your digital presence with our Done-For-You SEO, a highly targeted method to triple organic traffic and maximize ROI. We offer end-to-end solutions from SEO strategy to technical optimization, content planning, development, conversion rate optimization, and comprehensive reporting to fuel your online growth.

Scale Without Compromising Authenticity

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"Lucia's support has been invaluable. My list is now growing exponentially, and I'm so excited about what's next! It's truly indescribable how great it feels to have a marketing strategy and know how to execute it! Having someone on my team to guide and support me through the wild west of online marketing is incredible. I can't recommend her highly enough! This is for anyone who needs to grow their business."
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Zöe Lumiere
Life Coach


If you are ready to triple your leads and increase traffic to your website in 90 days, then Holistic Lead Generation is your solution. HLG is a marketing service for coaches and agencies that want to scale their offers with organic SEO traffic and Facebook Ads to generate a high volume of leads every day.


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1:1 Strategy and Mindset

We’ll go over your offer suite and longterm business vision. We’ll create a custom SEO and Ads Strategy that works to achieve your yearly revenue goals by focusing on lead generation, organic traffic, and sales. You’ll walk away knowing your sales funnels are optimized and ready to triple your leads (and sales) in 90 days.

As business owners, we recognize that it’s incredibly vulnerable to put our offers out in the wild much less in the hands of a digital analytics agency. It’s for this reason we put such an emphasis on mindset as well as strategy. Together we can take aligned action and develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy utilizing Ads + SEO for your business that delivers results.

Everything you need to scale your offers without compromising authenticity

Scale With Our Done-For-You Facebook Ads Management: Expand Your List and Revenue

We’ll develop an ad strategy for your evergreen campaigns aligned with your annual revenue targets, enabling predictable growth. We’ll go over how Facebook Ads work, how to properly set up Facebook Ads to deliver the best results, walk through how your pixel works and the secret to training your pixel to triple your leads, and, finally, why dynamic search ads are the key to growing your email list.

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Done-For-You SEO

Get ready for a masterclass SEO strategy that boosts your business!

In our initial meeting, we’ll assess your current SEO efforts, analyze your competitive standing with keyword usage (both short and long-tail keywords, evaluate page load times (tablet, desktop, mobile devices), and discuss your revenue and lead generation goals. Additionally, we’ll audit your funnel assets to prime them for tripling your leads in 90 days.



I’m the SEO half of the team and I’ve spent over 9 years mastering the art of guiding customers down the right set of complex pathways that brings qualified leads to your virtual doorstep. Think of SERP rankings as not just digits on a screen but as gateways to connect you with a world of potential clients eager for what you’ve got to offer.

Here’s the deal—I’m all about helping you triple those leads in a tight 90-day window, beef up your ROI, and scale up without losing the essence of what makes your brand uniquely you. So, if you’re on the hunt for a genuine, organic collab to amplify your digital presence, hit me up. Together, we’ll craft a strategy that intertwines slick on-page SEO with the ninja moves of off-page SEO, all to carve out your empire in the digital realm.

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The duo behind the Holistic Lead Generator


I’ve spent years perfecting impactful, data-driven ad campaigns after transitioning from my roles as a Marketing Director for a non-profit organization and later as an entrepreneur, Brand Photographer & Transformational Business Coach. My experience running ads set the stage for me to successfully launch my photography business. And again, when the pandemic put a halt to my photography pursuits, I launched my first course on Self Portrait Photography. What set me apart was my reliance on Facebook Ads, which helped me quickly secure my first 50 students. While many advise starting with organic strategies, I’ve always believed in blending both organic traffic and ads for a more robust and effective business model.

Together, we help coaches, program founders, course creators and agencies - like you - to peacefully and authentically attract leads daily

Fast Action Bonus


When you become a client within the first 48 hours of your sales call, as a bonus, you’ll get an exclusive Funnel Strategy VIP Day that will help you optimize your systems for your upcoming leads!


We’ll audit your current offer suite and assess your ideal customer’s journey for profitability. This will help you get your offer ready for a combination Ads and SEO strategy so you can increase your return on investment.


We’ll create a custom funnel strategy for your offer; this will help you start predicting your growth and generating leads in 30 days.​


We’ll optimize your funnel’s landing page, sales page, and email sequence with SEO conversion copywriting, so you can have easier sales and scale your course or group program without compromising authenticity.

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